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Like its bio-counterpart, BioRed is a highly concentrated liquid soil amendment that contains free-living soil microbes.

Like its bio-counterpart, BioRed is a highly concentrated liquid soil amendment that contains free-living soil microbes.  Having a total microbial product like BioRed provides your soil with all five major functional microbial groups; actinomycetes, algae, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa.  These are all important as they play the roles of; producers, predators, prey, and decomposers.  It is not a crop specific product but a soil based product.  No matter the geographics, every  soil is in need of microbes from these categories to help relief the pressures of yield demands. BioRed microbes are recyclers, regenerators, facilitators, inhabiters, mobilizers, producers, and equalizers.  These microbes are not consumed all for one crop or one season, however, with yearly applications BioRed will replenish the life of the soil.  This new life has the capability of allowing the user to reduce nitrogen fertilizer inputs by as much as 50%-75%.  Possibly even getting to the point when herbicide, insecticide, and fungicides are not needed as often or as heavy.  However, this is not achieved in one year but takes time to develop.  For as many years as it took to get imbalanced, it will take several years to regain balance.  If you’ve experienced more signs of trouble year after year and it seems the problem is escalating out of control then it is time to implement BioRed into your farming operation.  This is not a quick fix product and at Biovante we recommend giving the product a three year run before you make your final judgement of its effectiveness.

While results are seen in the first year it is common to see greater dividends the third year compared to the first year of use.  The soil is to the farmer as a canvas is to a painter so it is vital that the soil be rid of all impurities.  A proactive approach must be taken to ensure longevity of the land and to enhance health without putting the soil under stress causing a more aggressive approach to recover soil life later on down the road.  Soil cannot be manufactured like electronics or houses but with a well built biological like BioRed, the soil will have a greater potential of producing healthier crops while being more balanced.

To learn more about BioRed, please click on the product guide tab for a deeper look into the product, its use, means of application, and overall benefits to your farming operation.  Remember this product is not crop specific, it works in any soil condition no matter if its high or low in organic matter and what it accomplishes in the soil shows up through the visual and yield differences that each grower experiences.  Some are more prominent the first year while others will take more time to flourish.  Much of this is dependent upon the current soil conditions and what deficiencies, toxicities, stressors, demands and limitations of what the soil will undergo.  Start now to see the benefits of BioGold and work to achieve excellence.

No boundary thinking, brings unlimited results!

What are the differences between BioGold and BioRed?
1) Pour-and-Go, does not require incubation period like BioGold
2) Cost, BioRed is $2.00 more per acre
3) 32oz per acre rate instead of 12.8oz per acre rate like BioGold


1. Broadcast
32 oz per acre broadcast with 15 – 20 gallons of water. This can be applied with pre-emerge herbicides.

At Planting

1. In-furrow
32 oz per acre in seed trench with 3-5 gallons of water. Cannot be applied with fungicides in the row. Only exception to the fungicide rule is Biovante’s Elixor which has shown to be safe for the microorganisms.
2. Banded
32 oz per acre with solution of water and/or liquid fertilizer (i.e. UAN, 10-34-0).


1. Broadcast
Depending upon crop and maturity of crop apply 32 oz per acre at early flowering. Some late applications on a variety of crops have shown positive results. Please consult with a Biovante representative for full details.

NOTE: Aerial application tests are on going at this time so no conclusive data is present to show that, if any, quantitative results are found. If you would like to participate in testing for this method then please let us know.

Results coming soon.

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