General Information

BioRed is a complete microbial package and highly concentrated, certified organic compound. It contains free-living soil microbes, including aerobic, and anaerobic microorganisms. BioRed enhances soil life and energy throughout the growing season no matter the crop or condition of the soil.

Mixing Instructions

  • Shake well before use.

  • Mix one (1) gallon of BioRed with 79 gallons of water or nitrogen. If possible, add provided additive marked “BioMate Activator” to nitrogen or water mixture to assist already activated microbes in products. Activated mixture lifespan is generally 7-10 days, but in many cases will last as long as 14 days. Consult with Biovante if more time is needed.

  • Apply a minimum of 10 gallons of activated liquid mixture per acre. BioRed can be applied; pre-plant, at planting, or post-plant with anhydrous ammonia, liquid 28% or 32%, manure, or urea by land rigs or irrigation systems. It is suggested that nitrogen applications be split via pre-plant, at planting, and then post-plant.

  • 1 gal. of BioRed treats four (4) acres.

At a Glance



Clostridium Pasteurianum


Lactobacillus Acidophilus


Product Application

Product Details

BioRed is a ready-to-use, highly concentrated liquid soil amendment that contains free-living soil microbes. A total microbial product such as BioRed provides your soil with all five major functional microbial groups: actinomycetes, algae, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa.  Each are critical as they play the roles of producers, predators, prey, and decomposers.

BioRed is not a crop-specific product. Instead, it is a soil-based product. Regardless of geographic location, all soil is in need of microbes from these categories to help relieve the pressures of yield demands. BioRed microbes are recyclers, regenerators, facilitators, inhabiters, mobilizers, producers, and equalizers.  These microbes are not fully consumed in one crop or season. However, with yearly applications, BioRed will replenish the life of the soil over time. This new life has the capability of allowing the user to reduce nitrogen fertilizer inputs by as much as 50%-75%, potentially reducing the frequency and/or volume of herbicide, insecticide, and fungicide treatments.

If you experience continued signs of imbalance, it is time to implement BioRed into your farming operation. The rebalancing of soil is not immediate, but takes time to achieve. This is not a quick fix product. Biovante recommends giving the product three years before calculating BioRed’s effectiveness.

While results can be seen in the first year, it is common to see greater dividends the third year compared to the first year of use. It is vital that the soil be rid of impurities. A proactive approach must be taken to ensure longevity and reduce stress placed on the soil. Otherwise a more aggressive approach will have to be taken to recover soil life later on down the road.  With BioRed™, the soil becomes balanced and has a greater potential of producing healthier crops.

To learn more about BioRed, please download the Sales Sheet for a deeper look into the product. Remember, BioRed is not crop specific. It works in any soil condition no matter if it is high or low in organic matter. Contact Biovante to see how BioRed can work for you.