General Information

Pentilex Aqua is a germination aid developed to increase your seeds' high internal energy components. This improves germination potential and seeding vigor, resulting in uniform plant emergence.

Mixing Instructions

  • Dissolve with 1 or 1.25 gal. of water for application by itself or combine with pesticides for synchronized application onto seed.

  • Dissolve contents in liquid solution prior to addition of wettable powders or oil-based flowable pesticide formulations.

  • Ratios of Application:
    1,000 lbs. of corn and cotton seed or 500 lbs. of alfalfa, wheat, grasses, and other small seeded grains.

At a Glance

Total Nitrogen


Available Phosphate




Product Application

Product Details

Pentilex Aqua is an environmentally friendly seed treatment designed to accelerate germination and seedling emergence even under stressful conditions. The technology driving Pentilex Aqua improves germination conditions resulting in a more uniform stand. In independent studies, this process has shown up to a 12% increase in yields. Investing in seed genetics is important. It ensures the hybrid’s development starts within hours of planting. Pentilex Aqua provides a greater ability for the genetics of the seed to perform by more effectively germinating the seed, resulting in a more rapid and uniform emergence.

By applying Pentilex Aqua, the seed has a greater ability to combat cold and wet soil conditions that could possibly slow the process or terminate seed development.

Pentilex Aqua, combined with one gallon of BioFlex (as a carrier instead of water), adds an additional 3% compared to Pentilex Aqua and water applications.

Pentilex Aqua is a patent pending formula. Click on the label under the “View and Print Label” button to see full rates of application.